It's a stealth roguelike based on illumination and HI-TECH ai implementation. Below a detailed explanation of the game.


You got your clan scroll back, you learn the ancient ninja tecniques written on it. Months have passed, but you didn't forget what happened six years ago.


Now it's time for revenge, it's time to avenge your clan and all your fallen brothers and sisters. You located the evil villain lair the last month.


It's early morning, the dew covers all the vegetation and your clothes. It has been a cold night but the anger keept you quite warm. Today no one will survive, today they will pay!


Kill all evil samurai in the lair. The lair is composed by 11 levels of caverns with increasing monster density and difficulty.

  • No items, you just need your katana and some fortune cookies which you'll find on your way.
  • Move in shadow, kill in silence. Attack unaware [not suspicious ? or alerted !] enemy to perform a stealth kill. Stealth kill replenish your Zen Points [ZP] by one.
    Attacking aware enemy it's much harder and will get you killed easily.
    Killing enemies grant also xp, which will make you stronger and wiser. For each level: +1 Hit Point and +1 Zen Point.
  • Use your clan lost techniques
    • [V]anish : create a cloud of smoke. (use 7 ZP)
    • [C]onceal : morph into a box, constantly consuming Zen Point. Must stand still. (use 1 ZP)
    • Harves[t] : harvest at last 5 blood of fallen enemies with your katana to replanish ZP.
    • [M]editate : replenish you health. (use 5 ZP)


  • arrow/12346789/hjklyubn: move
  • 5/.: wait
  • vctm: use tecniques
  • >: descend stair
  • attack/interact: bump into samurai/object
  • q: quit to main menu
  • ?: this help


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This is fun. I also liked how you extinguish the torches just to have them re-lit again. I also found the game rather easy once I figured out that blood makes enemies suspicious and you should clean it after you kill someone. I eventually ended up showing myself to one enemy at time, drawing them from the group to a corner, hiding for a second to get them back to unaware (they loose interest really, really quickly) and then instakilling them with sneak attack.

The techniques are cool, but I never really needed anything but Harvest. I used Vanish once or twice to get out of trouble, but I would survive even without it. Conceal and Meditate have unfortunately never seen use.

Overall, I really like how this game works - the stealth mechanics are solid and even though the enemies let you come close enough for a sneak attack a bit too easily, I liked executing them in a fountain of gore. :)

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First of all, thanks a lot!

About your last point ... i had it work differently until a day before the submisson: if you ended your turn in a tile adjacent to an enemy they would spot you. This mechanincs alone redefine the whole game and you had to think twice before move. A friend tested it, didn't understand it and kept asking "why do enemy spot me even in shadow?" ... that's solid and i could not come up with a better solution then to remove it. It's easy, but that's not as bad as i though 8p.

Someone mentioned difficulty levels, i'm thinking about a future release where the "one tile spot" could be in maximum difficulty.

I like this a lot, love how the enemies relight torches you put out